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*You can contact him @ email : dkharid@gmail.com or CALL +27768859058 WHATS APP HIM NOW*
Product Offers Call / Whatsapp: +27 76 885 9058

Please note that all these products are well tested and trusted by the world traditional spiritual herbalist healers & heritage association committees. It has no harm either any risk of revenge or any effects to the life of human beings. Remain least assured and use the services with 100% guarantee.

I confirm that any hire or purchased product remains under controlled by my ancestral spiritual powers of the forefathers with their guidance. Try it! It is not against any one's religion nor color or tribal race its legal and helpful. All your questions about it will be answered immediately.

Safe and risk free and its never against any religion ,No harm, No side effects.


  • Amaghudwana
  • Short boys
  • Amayembe spirits,
  • Money rain maker spell,
  • Life and love protection spells,
  • Mixture of herbal medicines,
  • Black magic spells, Arabic spells,
  • Love spell, Money spell,
  • Gambling Spell,fortune spells,
  • Performance spell, Evil fight spell,
  • Man stealer Spell, Revenge spell , magic sticks,
  • Invisible stick, protection stick and spell,
  • War crime spell,
  • Wealthy spell and stick. black knot,
  • court case spell, ancestral spell,
  • magic coin, promotion powdered herbs,
  • Business spell, Work man spirit spell,
  • Manpower powder herbs,
  • Blood purification, Animal offering scarification,
  • Sexual mixed herbs, lose weight herbs,
  • Sale quick spell,
  • Attraction native knot, ghost hunter spell,
  • Memory spell and herbal drink,
  • Sperming herbs, sex appetizer,
  • Love protection spell,
  • Skin lash herbs,
  • Slimming herbs.
  • Hair grower cream remedies
  • high and low blood pressure herbs,
  • Heart attacker herbal remedies,
  • Lungs cleansing herbs, cancer herbs,
  • HIV-refined herbs, and many more.
  • Lost love spells & herbal potions
  • Divorce stick with a spell.
  • Fertility /pregnancy medicine/spell
  • Spiritual ability spell
  • Personal and business/project energetic protections.
  • Poverty fighter jinns.
  • Bad jinx remover spell & muthi herbs.
  • Quranical recitation/duas/azmat/Taweez.
  • Skin purification remedies.
  • Body beautifiers.
  • Naqushi Sulaiman spells.
  • All prophetical medical science & spells.
  • Ganjuri arshi spells.
  • Evil incense sticks and powders.
  • Business booster water.
  • Zam-Zam holy water.
  • Holy Ruq & purification.
  • Jinns command remote.
  • Love remote.
  • Penis stiffer medicine.
  • Sexual appetizer for women.
  • memory riser & Brain Booster remedies.
  • Money keeper stick & spells (you don't get broke)
  • Love attraction spell & knots.
  • Love me more charms.
  • Job keeper spells.
  • Work finder charms.
  • Exam passer express spell.
  • Pain removal herbs.
  • Accident protection spells.
  • Sickness free remover.
  • Evil & Black magic removal spirits.
  • Bagorie quorituarium (typical jinns)
  • Talukkalar statue
  • $millionaires' cult
  • Women catching ring
  • Eat and stay forever-PORTION
  • Triple strength charms
  • Love spell talisman
  • Love spell amulet stones
  • Business talisman(RINGS)
  • Gambling amulet stones
  • Voodoo magic seals
  • Instant money spell
  • Mysterious money
  • Mysterious love/lust
  • Mysterious business
  • Mysterious spell
  • African mojo bags
  • Love Picture command
  • Hex/Curses Remover
  • Voodoo penis enlargement
  • All purposes bracelet
  • Free money spell
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  • Customized charms
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  • 21 ancient magic secrets

  • Vaginal tightening & reshaping cream/Powder/Remedies
  • Breast enlargement cream
  • Vaginal cleanser
  • Vaginal renew cream and powder.
  • Bums reshape and massage cream & powder
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  • Skin & hips smoother cream
  • Vaginal warmer cream/powder
  • Vaginal tightening cream/Powder/Herbal remedies.
  • Weight loss remedies/refined pills/powder
  • Orgasm (squirt or gush) powder/cream/spray
  • Infertility powder/ pills/herbal remedies
  • Super star female sex cream (for male & female)
  • Belly remover cream/powder/syrup
  • Hair grower & remover
  • Eyes whitening /Fresh herbal leaves.
  • Libido enhancer (sex tea)

Appena business ring
This ring must be worn early in the morning. The wearer should not talk with to anybody before wearing it. The spirit behind this ring would support you, make the clients or customers, without arguments go and rush for your products. Keep wearing the ring in your shop and business transactions and negotiations and see what will happen.

Attanka business ring
the wearer of this deal ring would be honored,respected and build up a very attractant and fascinating charisma .he would be chanced and allowed before anybody or among competitors to win any contract.this ring also helps in cheating competitor without anybody noticing it.this ring must be worn for at least 24 hours before meetings and business transactions.

oppaka business ring
the power that enters the wearer of this ring would enable him or her to convince and seal any mouth of opposition(s). it helps to also compel clients and customers to willingly buy products at your command as you praise your products.

kanzza-ku business ring
this special ring is powerful and is associated with 9 spirits. the wearer would collect the present and past money or debt owed him fast. at a glance your debtor(s) would look for money at all cost to pay you so that he/she could have peace.within 7 days your money must be paid.

kusha business ring
this ring is associated with very strong spirits of the seventh planet.the ring would make your boss and all other workers admire,love,respect or fear you when necessary.promotion is very certain and sure for you within 120 days of wearing it.don't miss a day without your ring.

kakora business ring
the wearer of this business ring would be admired,gains a wonderful charisma and contract links among co-business -men.he also commands anybody at work and business to do his will or wish.

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